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Moklava now offers Food catering for parties and events and provides breakfast in Ramadan, lunch, and dinner. Ready for all your events, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, and more. Our partner chefs prepare a variety of foods that exceeds your expectation, and the food is sent to you in the comfort of your home. We will make your event more delightful and are always happy to be part of your celebration

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We are licensed under Washington Secretary of State, Public Health Seattle in King County and Washington State Department of Agriculture under MOKLAVA.L.L.C

Every order is hand made and shipped fresh, ensuring the same quality every time. Please allow 24 hour to process your order . big orders have to be ordered a week before the event.  baklava makes a unique gift for a friend or family member for any occasion. (Don't send all the deliciousness to your friends though, make an order for yourself, too!) Click on our store, give us a call, email us to order.

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There is only one difference between a long life and a good dinner: that, in the dinner, the sweets come last.

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General director: Mo nooreldin.

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It's a straightforward story. I have been to many restaurants worldwide, and I don't remember a time I was delighted with the baklava they served me. In my family, baklava has always been the main perfectly homemade dessert. So, I decided to work hard to make this baklava available for everyone to enjoy. I started baking baklava for friends and colleagues, and everyone returned wanting more. I believe the whole world should have the right to taste the original baklava. It's a family recipe, and it's not ordinary baklava you would eat anywhere. Since 2018, I have developed a new flavor to add to my recipe that keeps my originality: Moklava! Thank you in advance for this support; by enjoying this baklava, you are keeping this tradition alive. We are a small bakery, yet we are significant because of your help!!!


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Kirkland Washington 98034

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